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The Best Sites to Earn Amazon

We all know that amazon has great stuff for a fair price. But did you know that you can earn amazon gift card codes and get whatever you want for free? Well you can and I have been doing it for many years. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of websites that will pay you in amazon codes, but they aren’t all good. Some are bad, but there are some that I really love. I am going to share these sites with you and give you some information about them as well.

  1. – I rank this site number one for a reason. It’s simply the best site ever created to earn amazon, they make the whole process easy and fast, from registration to claiming your first gift card. You get the code instantly, as soon as you click redeem. This site has many different ways to earn and great support staff.
  2. – Even though this is a newer site it is quickly becoming very popular with people earning lots of amazon. They have surveys and videos to watch. You can also earn by trying new apps and downloading games.
  3. – This is a fun rewards site with an active community that you can interact with through the on site chatbox. You can get regular US amazon codes or UK codes. This website has paid out over $70,000 to members, thats a lot of free amazon stuff!
  4. – Has a rewarding bonus program that awards you badges as you progress. You gain experience points from just about everything you do. This site also has many offer walls and other easy ways to earn. One of the most unique ways is by transcribing business cards, it’s super easy and a great way to earn.
  5. – Many contests and bonus stuff along with quick payments, make this website a great place to earn amazon.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are able to use these websites to get tons of free stuff just like me.

Best websites to earn free amazon gift card codes

There are some great websites out there to earn amazon gift card codes. My favorite one is they have all of the most popular ways to earn for free like watching videos and taking surveys, they also reward you nicely for referring others to the site. The gift codes are instantly available when you redeem, there is no waiting.

You can also earn amazon codes on it’s a fun and friendly place that also has videos to watch and surveys to complete. You get your code fast, same day you request it. They also have contests and daily bonus stuff that makes it both fun and rewarding.

On a few blogs you can find even more legitimate fast paying websites to earn amazon codes on. One of these sites is it is an updated list of the 50 best get paid to sites.

Good Luck to you, you really can easily earn anything you want from amazon,  my friends and I have been doing it for many years now.

How to earn free amazon gift codes

here is how to earn free amazon gift codes. First thing to do is find the best get paid to sites. You want the ones that have been around for awhile and pay fast with a low minimum needed. The best site for this is If you can’t use that site from your country then I suggest you use

You can earn the free amazon gift codes in a variety of ways , some are as easy as watching videos, listening to music, searching the web and more. You can also earn lots of free amazon gift codes by taking surveys,printing coupons, signing up for special offers and referring friends,

Some people only earn a few dollars worth a day, others earn $10-$30 a day , it all depends on how much time and effort you put in. It’s a really great way to spend time.

Earn Amazon Codes

Today I am going to list my favorite sites to earn amazon codes. These are sites I have used for years and they always work great to get free amazon codes.

  1. is everyones favorite site to get free amazon codes. The codes are instantly available as soon as you redeem the points. The points are easy to earn and there is a variety of ways to earn them.
  2. is a popular place to earn amazon codes. There are many easy ways to earn and win swagbucks and then you redeem them for the amazon codes.
  3. PocketMoneyGPT is a Get Paid To site. They pay you to complete offers, tasks,view videos and take surveys.
  4. has instant amazon codes available, you earn them by by completing different tasks and surveys, great support and contests.
  5. is a great place to earn some amazon codes, play some games and participate in the lively chat.

you can use any or all of these great websites to earn amazon codes.