Top 5 Sites for Amazon Gift Cards

Earning amazon gift cards has never been easier. There are many rewards sites that will give you amazon gift cards for doing all sorts of things. You do it all from your computer or smart phone. Adding these gift cards to your amazon account is very simple and instant and it’s as good as cash for anything on amazon.

  1. this rewards site continues to out perform all others. The selection of ways to make amazon codes is unmatched. They have surveys that seem to never run out, videos that can play in the background and allow you to passively earn amazon. There are also many advertiser offers like email submits,mobile apps,downloads,newsletters,registrations,coupon prints and so much more. Once you have 100 points you can get a $1 amazon gift card code or choose from 100+ other gift cards or PayPal cash and you get it instantly, no wait!
  2. has been one of our favorites sites to earn amazon codes since 2012. It is a fun site with a lively chat room and friendly staff to help if needed. You only need $1 earned to get your amazon codes and you can also choose other options like PayPal to get paid.
  3. is a newer rewards site that is owned and operated by Katt a really nice person who is committed to helping her members earn amazon codes, she also has many fun bonus and contests that make earning fun.
  4. has instant amazon codes available to it’s members who earn just $1 in points and there are many earning opportunities.
  5. is a mainstream big rewards site that has been around well over ten years and has millions of members. They make earning amazon codes easy with search to win and video views as well as surveys and much more

We have used these sites for years to get free amazon gift card codes, they never let us down and outperform all other sites that we use.